How do I get to the San Diego Ice Arena?

The rink address is 11048 Ice Skate Place.  (858) 530-1826

Directions from I-15:
Exit Mira Mesa Blvd.
Go west 1 block to Westview Parkway (first signal past freeway off ramp).
Right at Westview Parkway, to Galvin (first signal)
Left on Galvin
Ice Skate Place is at the Stop sign just past the elementary school.
Right on Ice Skate Place and entrance is at the end of short cul-de-sac.

Directions from I-5 South:
I-5 South to I-805 South
Exit Mira Mesa Blvd.
Turn left onto Mira Mesa Blvd. to Black Mountain Road (about 5 miles)
Left at Black Mountain Rd, to Galvin (second signal)
Right on Galvin
Left on Ice Skate Place at the stop sign.

When will the Schedule be available?

Please visit the Schedule page.  Usually the initial schedule is available 3-4 weeks before competition.

How do I find out what the skating order for my event is?

The skating order will be posted at the San Diego Ice Arena on the morning of the event.

Do you schedule practice ice sessions for this competition?

Yes, final details for scheduling practice ice will be made available to competitors through Entryeeze

The Preliminary Artistic program has a duration “not to exceed 1 minute 40 seconds”. Does the  +/- 10 second rule apply here?

No. Any duration that says “not to exceed” means exactly that. Programs can be shorter than this, but not longer.

The Pre-Preliminary Free Skate event says the duration of the program is 1 minute 30 seconds. Is a length of 1 minute 25 seconds OK?

Yes. For any event in which the time is stated as “the duration is …” the  ±10 second rule applies. So in this case program lengths from 1 minute 20 seconds to 1 minute 40 seconds are OK.

My daughter is entered in a Preliminary event, but is taking her Pre-Juvenile test in June. Is she still eligible to compete at the Preliminary level?

Eligibility and age requirements are determined on the date of close of entries. Any tests taken after that date have no effect on a skater’s eligibility to compete. So, tests can be taken after close of entries without affecting her entry in the competition.

The announcement shows Juvenile/Open Juvenile Short Program and Pre-Preliminary through Juvenile/Open Juvenile Free skating. Do I have to enter both events?

No. At the Juvenile/Open-Juvenile levels, you may enter just the Free Skating event, just the Short Program event, or you may enter both if you wish. However, your placement in the Short Program will not be combined with your Free Skate to determine your overall placement. Awards will be given after the completion of the Short Program, and separate awards will be given for the Free Skating. For the Juvenile/Open-Juvenile levels these events are not combined. For Intermediate through Senior levels, the Short and Free Skating Programs are combined.

My student has passed the Preliminary Free Skating test. Can she enter the Preliminary Free Skate program and Pre-Juvenile Artistic event, even though they are at different levels?

Yes. Since each event is separate (no combined events), you can enter at different levels for various events, as long as you meet the requirements for that event.

The announcement says that any event with more than 12 skaters may be divided into groups. If there are multiple groups for an event, is there an initial and final round?

No. If an event is divided, there will be no final round. Awards for 1st through 4th place will be made for each group.